It’s no NEWS that TECHGEN is bringing STEM to AFRICA right?

Especially with the latest news from one of the TOP TECH NEWS platform in the world “TECHCABAL” and “BIZTECHAFRICA”

In case you don’t know this guy’s >>>(TechCabal is a future-focused publication that speaks to African innovation and
technology in depth.
They also manage the Radar forum, which hosts the smartest conversations about technology on the continent AND BizTechAfrica is the voice of the African ICT sector, providing a comprehensive overview of the ICT business of Africa, with up-to-date news, views and interaction for ICT players across the continent)
to read more FOLLOW the link >>>>> https://www.biztechafrica.com/article/india-stem-alliance-partners-techgen-africa-help-b/14321/

And>>>>> https://techcabal.com/2019/02/06/techcabal-daily-710-south-africas-newtown-partners-and-lionpride-investment-holdings-plan-to-launch-37-4million-lionpride-agility-fund/

Yes TECHGEN is not here to JOKE, TECHGEN is here to DELIVER as promised (bringing stem to Africa)..

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