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DO YOU KNOW that each year, the United States invests billions in STEM education and workforce development, knowing that over 70% of their domestic and international jobs will require those core skills SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING and MATHEMATICS.?

BUT here in africa we lack enormous strategic plan on STEM policies, or even a clear Platform for implementing them!!!. We still don’t understand if some national leaders understand their importance or meanings.
Have you seen Marianne Eve jamme article on this??
we will share a little form Marianne Eve jamme ( Founder and CEO, iamtheCODE).

“Consider, for a second, the exploitation of Africa’s natural resources, such us bauxite in Guinea and Ghana.
If the governments had a clear strategy on STEM policies, there would be more home grown cartographers drawing maps, more trained engineers operating machines and building railroads.
If we invested more in research and development, our own scientists would be able to prevent diseases such as Ebola.

If we invested in our tech entrepreneurs and innovators,we would be able to resolve local problems with local solutions. Instead, China and the US are doing this for us with a hidden price.

This outsourcing of infrastructure is destroying the ability of African governments to invest in STEM skills for the future.
We want to have smooth roads in LAGOS,LUSAKA,NAIROBIand MAPUTO…
IF we do not train our people in the right skills we will lose out as a continent.

Currently in Africa, most STEM jobs are performed by or outsourced to multinationals from China, India and the US.
In 2014, 87 construction teams arrived in Kenya from China to ensure the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway in Kenya.
Most Kenyans could not do the job!!!

Africa need a new generation of accountants, auditors, creators, designers, engineers and teachers of maths and science;
ALL these jobs require STEM skills. Who is thinking of this now in
Africa? Who is taking this seriously? ….

To be continued…… (part2)

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