After realising few things STEM could really do from  Marianne Eve Jamme article which you’ll get the full details in the next paragraph
….” African governments are signing infrastructure contracts with the West instead of demanding that
the future workforce be trained in something so crucial for development.
Thousands of American
and Chinese people are working in high-skilled STEM jobs, and meanwhile we complain about
the lack of jobs for young Africans.
The term STEM is not yet widely understood in Africa. Its implementation in education systems is
catastrophically poor, despite the fact that many ICT ministers collect millions for programmes
related to these subjects.
You just need to spend time in the corridors of power to realize that the
word STEM is simply a laxative jargon that allows ministers to fundraise and make themselves
look like they are part of the conversation.
In fact, we are nowhere near achieving what needs to be done for our youth – and they are the future of Africa.
Over the next decade, African employers can expect to have many thousands of job openings requiring basic STEM literacy, and more people will need advanced STEM knowledge. For years I
have been advocating for good education policies in Africa and the real implementation of STEM
subjects in our education system – and nothing has been done. Today, Rwanda and South Africa
are the only countries to have successfully looked at this subject.
The US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs is pushing for more
awareness on STEM subjects through TechWomen.
The British Council is piloting a micro￾programme across Africa through the Global Innovation Fund, to increase awareness of STEM –
but the reality is that these movements are more focused on teaching English language than real
STEM subjects…..(to be continued)
I believe you’re beginning to see what STEM can do to AFRICA
Very KEY!!

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