We’re a fun company where youngsters can explore science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in an interactive and exciting environment, with collaborative and highly educational hands-on activities.

Our focus is on stimulating the natural curiosity present in every youngster, which can help them learn and make discoveries about STEM as they do.



Why You Choose Us?

We exist because of YOU

Your passion is our passion, and your time is our time. We exist to break barriers, and make STEM education accessible and affordable to you.

We are Trusted

Our clients always speak highly of us, and this is because we operate on trust and guarantee 100% refund if you’re not satisfied with what we offer.

We are Global

Our operations and STEM curriculum operate on a worldwide scale. We’re in partnership with top international companies to provide you with the best there is out there.


Our Mission & Our

Sodiq Balogun, the founder of TechGen after seeing the need and lack of good education in STEM subjects decided to create a center for learning where African youngsters can be properly taught, boost their career opportunities, and be empowered as future leaders of Africa.

Since its inception, this scheme has changed the lives of over 100 students.

At Techgen, the goal has always been to help these youngsters with the needed drive to represent Africa technologically and we do so by creating a fun environment where learning is not boring, creativity is boosted and learning is swift.

Our schemes are one of the best to help bring together these youngsters who share a passion for technology and then to groom them into great tech innovators.

We Are Proud of Our Work

We equip African youngsters with the necessary tools they  need to conquer the world technologically.