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TGA is a platform to grooming world class tech innovator’s, targeted toward driving growth in Africa through creativity, enterprise and knowledge.

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"Technological Innovation in Africa is still at infancy and there is a great need for us to deliberately join the global race, so that we can transit from our marginal to mainstream economy."
Sodiq ade balogun
TechGen CEO

Code club

We help young Africans to develop essential coding skills plus ‘soft skills’ in order to make them innovators.
Youngsters also have the opportunity to meet their peers with shared interest. The passionate ones are then admitted into our community of young software developers


We connect Parents and schools to Professional STEAM tutors. 

Software Development

Our youngsters will help you build world class mobile apps for mobile devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants and websites.

Graphics and digital marketing

Graphic designing entails visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography and illustration.

We groom world class tech innovator's

TechGen innovators

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What We Do


Here we help young people to develop coding skills plus other 'soft skills' in order to make them an innovator Young coders also have the opportunity to meet other youngsters with shared interest.

Mentoring Platform

Youngsters are paired with mentors from industry leaders like Microsoft, Andela. By becoming a mentor, you are given the opportunity to teach the next generation to be digital creators and skills needed to solve local problem with technology.

TechGen Challenge

Every year, we invite school students (primary and secondary) across Africa to pitch their innovation. The contest is designed to encourage young school students to solve a community problem using technology.Also, to foster healthy competition in ICT among young school students.

Code Festival

This is a technology conference, where we gather together edtech firms, business executives, industry leaders, incubators and programmers to share experiences and best practices on how they are transforming lives and their organization through technology.

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Software Development

Our youngster's will help you build a world class software's, including web and mobile app development

Coding Club

We can help you prepare your youngsters for the future by enrolling for our codeCamp. This take palace in and out of the school even at your home.

TechGen Bootcamp

This takes place once year for the minimum of 5 months.The bootcamp activities includes software development, entrepreneurship,design thinking, mentoring by industry leaders and experienced tech innovators. Young Africans between the age of 15 to 30 are targeted.

Software innovation, like almost every other kind of innovation, requires the ability to collaborate and share ideas with other people, and to sit down and talk with customers and get their feedback and understand their needs.

-Bill Gates


June 2018

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Target areas: Schools (Low & high profile schools), Communities(served and undeserved), & slums
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What people say about us?

It's been wonderful and amazing having this kind of tech challenge for kids. The kids have done pretty much well by creating those amazing game applications with coding. Coding improve students creativity, critical thinking, real world problem solving, collaboration and communication skills. This is a great way to build and support 21st Century skills required in today's work environment. TechGen Africa is doing a very great job on this part, not only in Nigeria but Africa at large and it is amazing organizing this fantastic TechChallenge event. Schools are encouraged to get their students to keep participating in this program.
Abdulazeez Hammed
Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Founder TeachTech-Hub Africa
Since two of my pupil's joined TechGen coding club, their arithmetic skills, maturity and interest in class had increased.
Tony Anuforo
Grade 6 Teacher, Sureville school, lekki, Lagos, Nigeria

3, Zimest Close, Greenvile Estate, Langbasa, Aja, Lagos, Nigeria

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