Bringing STEM to AFRICA through TECHGEN

Techgen is for the WORLD
Techgen is for AFRICA
Techgen is for NIGERIA
Techgen is the FUTURE

I’ll tell you WHY>>>>>

Ever imagined how the NEXT GENEGRATION would look like?

imagine MIND-BLOWING versions of different GADGETS and even APPS, CARS,GAMES,name it!!!

Isn’t it obvious that Technology is taking OVER!!!!

.ALL these were CREATED/DESIGNED by innovators like YOU and I

Trained minds who had passion and love what they did and yes they were given a platform to LEARN and CREATE.

They are the REASON you’re have a PHONE📱 the APPS you use,VIDEO GAMES you play I can go on and on.

TECHGEN has open a DOOR for this platform..
Children can now LEARN and CREATE!!!

We learn and create for Africa

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